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Our palace women are one of a kind group of women who come together in love and oneness to promote the work of God.  Our women show love one to another and support the ministry in diverse ways.   

Lady Rev. Sylvia Boateng meets with the women once a month to pray, teach and encourage them to fulfill their purpose in life.  Building stronger marriages and homes is one of the heart beats of Palace women. Service in the house of God is also one of the ways our women contribute to the growth of the church.

Our women’s ministry centers on meeting the spiritual needs of Christian women and helping them to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. The word ministry comes from the Greek word ‘diakoneo’ literally meaning “to serve.  Women’s Ministry exists to serve women and to teach women how to minister to others.  It is action based and focuses on living a Godly life with guidance from the Bible.

A women’s minister is often a volunteer from the congregation or a church staff member, responsible for coordinating and leading events specifically for women. Some of their tasks might include hosting Bible studies, retreats, service projects or gathering events. Their primary goal is to assemble the women of the church to share time growing in their spiritual knowledge and love of God.

Women, for the purpose of discipleship and connection.  It is our heart to help connect women in relationship with God and with one another, building a faith-based community of women who are being transformed as they learn God’s Word and grow through the life-long journey of learning to follow Him.

Women are vital part of a Ministry. In the development of relationships with others who have like faith, we are encouraged, challenged and blessed as we study God’s Word in an intimate way.



Women’s ministry dates back to Biblical times where women, such as Sarah, Deborah, Ruth, Mary, and Martha, had an influence on the development of the early church. A prominent scripture which Christians use as a Biblical precedent as to the purpose of women’s ministry is Titus 2:3-5. Women’s ministry took root in that aspect of scripture and has grown to feed women spiritually all over the world


Women Ministry Purpose
To provide and promote Christian fellowship among the women of the church for spiritual, educational and social enrichment through a variety of activities and programs within the church and community.



“Women Ready to Serve One Another and Help Others”

To inspire the women to desire God’s will in their lives and to exemplify Christian character beginning at home, with one another and in the community; to enjoin the greater vision of our Church and Pastor by becoming disciples indeed, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ especially to those who are hurting or in distress, by showing justice and mercy according to God’s Word; to show God’s love through providing programs where everyone feels welcome and to do outreach ministry especially involving women, and all humankind.


To provide a forum for regular fellowship meetings at least monthly (unless otherwise determined); to provide opportunities to meet and fellowship with new women and to get to know other women in the church through interacting together in fun and meaningful activities; and to provide ministry to those in need within and outside of the church by working together for the common good of Christ in love and fellowship. 


The Women’s ministry God’s Family Palace to women ages 18 years and older. This ministry is designed to promote sisterhood within the body of Christ, as well as to empower, equip, and inspire women to fulfill their God-given destiny.

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